Corfu Greece

Alexis Zorbas main apartment
Alexis Zorbas

Corfu, is considered by many the most beautiful of the Greek Islands.

Located between the heel of Italy and the west coast of mainland Greece, the island is very green and mountainous, and covered with cypress trees poking up out of olive groves.

Corfu is known for essentially three things: beautiful beaches; a lush interior with simple villages and farms; and elegant Corfu Town or Kerkyra - now a World Heritage site - is a fascinating small city with a mix of British, Italian and French influences.

View my slide show here.

Another presenter made a photo video of her trip that also shows off our retreat center quite well. Take a look here.

Corfu Town church
Corfu Town church.

Corfu monastery wall
Monastery wall at Paliokastritsa.

Alexis Zorbas dining
Big smiles after dinner.

Corfu Beach
Fun in the sand on the beach.

Corfu clay faces
Clay masks on the beach.

Fisherman sunset
Fisherman restaurant sunset.

Arillas Corfu beach North
View looking north along the beach. To see a larger version click here.

Arillas Corfu Beach South
View looking south along the beach. To see a larger version click here.

Dark sunset
Quiet after dusk.
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Global Yoga Journeys

Greece June, 2019

Settling into Stillness: A Greek Island Yoga Retreat
Prices from $1289 double.

For some... just being by the sea, breathing the fresh air scented with wild jasmine, walking barefoot on the earth, resting in the cool shade of an olive tree and eating fresh vegetarian food is deeply nurturing to the soul.

Add... a two hour daily Kripalu Yoga class, yoga workshops, group meditations, exquisite heart-opening chanting with Alexis Zorbas co-owner Anadi Nocke, yoga philosophy satsangas, a soothing massage or two, and an attitude of "nothing to do, nobody to be and nowhere to go" and you will begin to observe yourself settling into stillness.

Alexis zorbas dining

At Alexis Zorbas Retreat Center, on the northwest coast of the Greek Island of Corfu, you are far away from the ringing phone, TV monitors, the constant news reports, the traffic jams and the responsibilities and routine of your life. Although free WiFi is now available you can choose to cut back to only essential connection.

Here you may take rest and slow down...
slow way down. Hang out at the beach or pool, read, wander through the olive groves, practice yoga, and enjoy solitude or the company of new friends.

If you are ready for an opportunity to travel on the yogic path of self-discovery, to treat your body to deep relaxation and to feel truly alive, then this may be the perfect yoga beach vacation for you.

Sample Daily Schedule

6:30-8:15 am Kripalu Yoga
8:30-10:00 am Breakfast
11:00 am-12:00 Group Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Heart Chakra Meditation
1:00-6:30 pm Lunch, wave-therapy on the beach, lounge, nap, read, massage, pool
7:30-8:30 pm Dinner
9:00 pm Sunset walk

We will have the special priviledge to participate in a kirtan offering by Alexis Zorbas co-owner Anadi Nocke. I have known Anadi since 2003 and have been in many of his kirtans. His offering is a special blend of Sanskrit, Persian (Sufi), English and German chants that contrast the femine with the masculine voice and then merge both to create a heart-opening experience. A true taste of Bhakti yoga.

Alexis Zorbas Anadi Nocke Kirtan group

Some Comments from Previous Trip Participants:

Thank you for creating and presenting a true "Kripalu Experience" in Corfu... a beautiful gift. I feel alive, awake and restored! This has been a magnificent Global Yoga Journey, inside and out. Donna, Texarkana, TX

I liked that I was given the opportunity in a totally supportive environment to take care of myself; to go within - notice what I needed and choose. Mur, Chicago, IL

I loved the accommodation...The views are breathtaking. The island interior is a wonderful place to explore during all the quiet times. Virginia, SLC, UT

Can't say enough good things! You guys were really great, well organized, knowledgeable, helpful, really well planned and concerned about everyone's enjoyment. Julie, Germany

Outstanding -if you'd asked me at the beginning I would not have believed that I would enjoy this setting so much. Sandy, Germany

For me the program was perfect. Elly, New Brunswick, Canada

Your pace was very good for achieving real stillness. I cannot see any way it could have been better. Program was excellent. Kathy, Boca Raton, FL

The yoga was characteristically superb. Dennis, Chicago, IL

Corfu roof yoga space

This is the view south to the sea from our open-air roof-top yoga space. Monday to Friday 6:30 am to 8:30 am. A long leisurly breakfast follows, then an hour of slower more meditative practices.

Alexis Zorbas roof view east

This is the view east from our roof-top yoga space.