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The ability to get along harmoniously with our fellow men is an asset impossible to overestimate. The success and happiness of every individual rests upon it. The more easily a person adjusts himself to the family, community, and the associations he forms in earning his livelihood, the smoother will be his path in life. Nearly all the tension and strain of modern living is brought about, not by difficult conditions, but by disturbing emotions aroused in personal, group, or public contacts.

astrology chartClose relationships test the soul and character of individuals, but in such testings, character is developed and refined. The maturing person will learn something from every encounter in which a feeling of resistance is aroused.

A well-integrated personality achieves the happy balance between selfish individualism and supine compliance to the will of others. One of the tasks of life is that of learning how to live with our fellow men.

A requisite for getting along with others is self-understanding and self-control. If you understand yourself, you will find it easier to understand others. Self-control enables you to handle your contacts adroitly.

In comparing horoscopes we are analyzing the effect of one individual upon another.

Astrological Analysis Options

Thumbs up or Down $40
Very quick comparison of two charts for compatibilty with either a thumbs up or down AND details of the most promising planetary alignment and the least favourable alignment detail. Included are natal charts for each person and a printout of all angles formed between the charts.

In Depth Couples Analysis $120
Analysis of each significant aligment detail (usually 20-30) of the 150 possible configurations. Handouts of all details included and a personalized summary of the results. Included are natal charts for each person and a printout of all angles formed between the charts.

Individual Natal Chart and the Next Two Years of Transits. $80

Included is an overview of major planetary positions at birth with a focus on how the position of the planets now are affecting your destiny. Included is a natal chart and graph of major transits.

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Birth date, time (as accurate as possible) and place. Simple.

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There is a decided difference between the state of being in love and the sincere love essential for a good marriage. Nearly all romance starts with an attraction of personalities. True love is something that grows by degrees. It is founded upon mutual respect, mutual trust, sympathy, understanding, affection, consideration, and companionship. A marriage is not merely a physical mating, but also a mating of minds and souls. Two people joining their desires should have common ideals and aspirations. Unless two persons can pull together they will merely hinder each other. Marriage should give each partner security.

Love is an emotion, but marriage is not a purely emotional experience. It is a problem in adaptation, understanding, and cooperation. Each partner should be able to respect the individuality of the other; yet neither should let his or her own individuality become a source of conflict.

This I believe. Ken McRae