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Kripalu yoga teacher Sudhakar ken mcrae

Director Ken McRae E-RYT500

Remember when you were a dreamer full of adventure and enthusiasm.

Anything was possible.

Then, time passed and one day began to blur into the next and you found yourself lost in the repetitive rhythm of everyday life.

You know when its time for an adventure. Time to travel to a place where no one knows you. Time to make new friends, laugh out loud, dance in the streets. Time to venture out and discover that feeling of being alive once more.

Who knows whom you might discover on this journey.

Your inner journey begins right now.

ebbio tuscany dancing
Ebbio after dinner fun

tuscany petriolo hot springs
Petriolo hot springs Tuscany

venice gondolas
Venice gondolas

murren switzerland sportchalet
Tree pose with the Jungfrau backdrop.

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Bienvenido! Buon giorno! Hola! Willkommen! Accueil! Jiassas!

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Clearly it is my Destiny to Travel

It started with my grade 7 elementary school graduation present, a July, 1963, weekend in New York City; Times Square, Rockefeller Center, the Empire State building and the Rockets at Radio City Music Hall. My maternal grandma, who herself was a world traveler, AND I flew in from Montreal on a Viscount TCA (Trans Canada Airlines) propeller plane. My eyes were opend to the wonders of TRAVEL.

Next, in high school, my at-home-desk featured a huge map of the world. Many hours were spend studying that map, dreaming of travels yet to come much to the detriment of assigned homework.

Years later, living at the Kripalu Center in Lenox, MA, I learned how to design weeklong yoga-based programs and when the owner of Pura Vida Spa in Costa Rica called me in the summer of 1999 and asked if I wanted to lead a group there the next January I said "YES".

That was the beginning of almost 20 years of yearly retreats in Costa Rica, Tuscany and Venice, Italy, Murren, Switzerland and Corfu, Greece. If asked to choose one retreat over the other I could not. They all were amazing in their own way.

Alas, all things come to pass and now, for me, the inner journey begins. Slowing down and watching the ebb and flow of thoughts, letting them pass like clouds in the sky, I do remember the excitement of those years of travel and all of the amazing folks who chose to join me, some for multiple times and locations.

Thank you all. I do hope you had as much fun as I did.

Now, I have happily moved on to new adventures in family life, raising my pedigree rabbits, spending time with my dog CoCo and occasionally analyzing a clients' or couple's astrological charts to inform their next move. If you are interested in what that all entails click here.

Be well my friends.

Jai bhagwan
Sudhakar Ken McRae




My Cockapoo CoCo and Holland Lop Copenhagen.